The Concept

roborodent is a one-person company, founded at the very end of 2017 in Vienna, Austria. It aims to provide the services of an experienced software developer to clients on a per project basis.

Services offered range from all aspects of actual software development to related things like consulting, teaching, recruiting, and many more. Topics include, but are not limited to, all forms of game development, optimization, architecture, debugging, as well as all kinds of programming.

The Individual

My name is Dietmar Hauser and I have been working as a programmer since 1999 and have been part of the games industry since 2001. In these almost two decades, I have actively performed most technology related roles in game development, working on and shipping dozens of games on many different platforms. In addition I have held public talks at various international conferences and have been an attendee at many more.

I love diving into complex systems to find out what makes them tick and how to improve or repair them. Once I am familiar with the inner workings I am usually able to explain these systems, as well as any actions required, to clients of all competence levels to their satisfaction.

Furthermore, I can quickly pick up new concepts or interfaces and adapt any software accordingly. In the rare cases where completely new systems are required, I am able to collect, analyze and compress any requirements in order to make sure that the requirements are accurate, coherent, and eventually correctly and/or optimally implemented.

Much of my spare time is spent with electronic entertainment, ranging from playing escapist games, watching tiny, little, and big screen features, and listening to music, usually of the more difficult kind. I also occasionally enjoy armchair philosophy and exploring the wonders of life, the universe, and everything. While doing that I share my experience with three cohabitants, one of the subspecies homo sapiens sapiens and two of the species felis silvestris catus.